Welcome to Apply for International Students at Shih Chien University.

For application, please read the “2021-2022 Admission Brochure” before you start your application online.

Overseas Chinese students, students from Hong Kong, Macau and China do NOT apply via this system!

項目 Event 日期 Date
申請期間 Online Application Period
2021秋季班 Fall Semester
第一梯次 First Round: Feb 22, 2021~May 17, 2021
第二梯次 Second Round: July 1, 2021~June 14, 2021
2022春季班 Spring Semester: Oct. 1, 2021~Nov. 1, 2021
Admission Brochure
申請網址 Online Application Website https://apply.usc.edu.tw/international (click here)
Complete and upload required forms ( including additional documents and materials required by the departments) before the deadline. Late submission will not be accepted.
Upload file format: PDF